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Bank of America Stadium

Address: 800 South Mint Street
Charlotte, NC 28202


Bank of America Stadium is the place to be every Sunday, home or away. The restaurants and bars around the area are swarming with those who bleed black & blue and despise those no-name teams from Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida.

During home games, be sure to make a day out of it & take the pledge to have no voice on Monday, like the other 75,000 screaming fans.

Stadium Chart and Ticket Prices


Fans with assigned parking will receive information and details that will be mailed with their season tickets. Other ticket holders will be responsible for their own parking arrangements. There are more than 30,000 parking spaces within a 10-15 minute walk of the stadium. Parking operators lease parking spaces on a game-by-game or seasonal basis near Bank of America Stadium.

Non-NFL Event Parking

Bank of America Stadium offers the ability to secure parking adjacent to the stadium for non-Panthers events. Lot 1, also known as the Mint Street Parking Facility, is located at the corner of Mint and Graham streets and is directly across from the stadium's North Gate. Parking for fans with disabilities is available on a first-come, first-served basis for vehicles displaying a handicap placard. This location offers convenience and ease, offering three entrances and exits. Grilling and open flames are prohibited in this parking lot.


Parking Shuttle for Fans with Disabilities

Bank of America Stadium does not have reserved handicap parking. Carolinas Medical Center, located at 1000 Blythe Boulevard in Charlotte, provides a game day shuttle for guests with disabilities for Panthers games only. An accessible parking placard is required to use the service. Patrons using the service should park in Lot B at Carolinas Medical Center. It is the first lot on the right off Medical Center Drive, which is the main entrance to Carolinas Medical Center. Tailgating is not permitted in this lot. A police officer will be on duty in the lot to provide security.

You and your companions will be shuttled to the intersection of Mint, Stonewall and Graham streets adjacent to Bank of America Stadium. Guests will receive a wristband that will allow them to enter the stadium through the Team Store entrance after being screened in the Silver Club area. Guests should return to this same location at the end of the game to be shuttled back. The cost of the service is $40 per vehicle and begins approximately two hours prior to kickoff.

For more information about the parking shuttle, please call 704-358-7275.

Tailgating Guidelines

Tailgating activities can create special risks to public safety due to the use of multiple open-flame cooking devices in close proximity to people, vehicles, buildings, structures and combustible vegetation. These guidelines are established to provide a set of minimum safety measures to be followed by persons wishing to engage in such activities.

  • Open-flame cooking devices shall not be operated within 25 feet of any building or structure and not within 10 feet of any motor vehicle.

  • A minimum clearance of 10 feet shall be maintained between any open-flame cooking device and dry vegetation, combustible materials, trash dumpsters or receptacles, or in close proximity to anything that can create a fire hazard.

  • Any parking area or lot being used for parking and tailgating activities shall be provided with metal containers for the safe disposal of coals, cinders or hot ashes. Containers shall be clearly labeled "For Coal and Ash Disposal Only." Any other trash receptacle or container shall not be used for such purpose.

  • Every effort shall be made to ensure that any coals or cinders are extinguished prior to disposal.

  • Open-flame cooking devices shall be attended at all times and shall not be used in parking decks or in any manner that will impede pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

  • Any other type of outdoors burning or open fire, which is not part of a cooking device, is strictly prohibited.

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