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The information on this page is designed to provide you with some helpful checklists and valuable informationto assist you in your move.


With the proper planning and preparation your move can be smooth and efficient. We'll see you in Charlotte!

A general "to do" list:


  • Contact utility companies

  • Schedule rental truck and/or moving company

  • Get packing supplies

  • Pack your "survival kit"

  • Mail your change of address form

  • Make car rental, airline or hotel arrangements.

  • Arrange to register your children in new school(s)

  • Put together your children's current health records

  • Look for new doctors and dentists

  • Update or open new bank account

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) recommends that you take the following steps beforechoosing a moving company:


  • Have at least three movers give you written estimates. Also be sure to ask whether the estimates are binding, non-binding or guaranteed not to exceed a certain amount


  • Obtain each company's assigned Motor Carrier number and call the USDOT at (202) 358-7000 to determine if they are registered and have the proper insurance on file.


  • Ask your prospective moving company for a copy of the "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move" booklet.

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Important utility information


  • Call your local phone company at least a week before your move for a new number. Have service disconnected at your old address.


  • Then call your long distance carrier as well to insure uninterrupted service for your long distance calling plans and other services.


  • Have gas, electric, and water service connected the day before you move in. Have service turned off at your old address the day after you move.


  • Arrange for cable installation at your new address.

Getting your mail


If possible mail a change of address form (available from any post office -- PS form 3575) at least one month prior to moving. The following will be forwarded at no charge for the period indicated:


  • First-class, Priority, and Express mail: 12 months, unless otherwise requested by mailer.

  • Newspapers and magazines: 60 days

  • Packages weighing 16 ounces or more: 12 months, locally. (You pay forwarding charges if you move outside the area. If you do not want this class of mail forwarded, contact your local post office.


Also obtain Address Change Notification Cards (PS form 3576) and mail them to people and businesses who send you mail.

The post office will send you a Welcome Kit containing your official Change of Address Confirmation Letter and valuable information on your new community.

Your "survival kit"is just that -- a box or bag of the most important and useful items that you will need during your move:

  • Basic tools -- hammer, screwdriver, knife, tape, etc...

  • Payment for movers

  • Bathroom needs -- towels, soap, toilet paper, etc...

  • Kitchen needs -- snacks, drinks, disposable utensils, cups and plates, etc...

  • Cleaning needs -- sponges, cleansers, broom, dustpan

  • Personal needs -- eyeglasses, medication, clothes, etc...

  • Keys and directions to your new home.

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